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Cracks in Stucco

Posted by on Sep 24, 2015 in blog | Comments Off on Cracks in Stucco

It’s understandable that a homeowner will become upset when they see cracks forming on the outside of their beautiful home. Most experts agree that a few hairline cracks in the stucco finish are unavoidable most of the time. These cracks pose no threat to the home’s weatherproofing or structural strength.  Many times, a tiny hairline crack is not even visible from several feet away. What Defines a ‘Hairline’ Crack? Many experts suggest that if you can’t insert a business card into the crack, that considers it a hairline. Though definitive, it’s still kind of an arbitrary...

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Extremely responsive from initial contact to completion

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Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Reviewed on Customer Lobby – 09/09/2015 “We are getting ready to sell our home and we needed to have some EIFS repairs done to the exterior. In order to sell it we had to have an inspection done; and we needed the repairs prior to the inspection. The workers that came were courteous and efficient. They were also neat, and they cleaned up after themselves when they finished. Their work was very meticulous. Paul, their supervisor was very responsive and thorough. After the work was done he did a final inspection. The price that they charged me was...

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Stucco in Theater Ostia Antica

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This beautiful ancient theater is located in Ostia Antica, a large archaeological site that was once the location of harbor city in ancient Rome. The theater was built along the Decumanus Maximus – the main east-west orientated road. Fragments of an inscription tell us that a first theater was built at the end of the first century BC by Agrippa, the right-hand man of Augustus (founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor). It could hold 3000 spectators. It was built together with a large square to the north, the Piazzale delle Corporazioni. The masonry of the present theater has...

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Painting and White-Wash Stucco

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Painting Stucco The reason most homeowners paint over their stucco is because the cost of re-stucco is higher than just hiring a painter to paint over the existing stucco.  Usually within 3 to 5 years, the paint starts to decay and peel. The home would either need re-painting or re-stuccoing. If re-stuccoing is desired, the surface needs sandblasting to remove the existing paint because it is an extra layer that would prohibit proper bonding of a new stucco coat. White-Wash Putting a “white-washed” finish on your stucco is similar to painting it. Also called a lime wash, the...

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Stay Cool Summer Cleaning Tips

Posted by on Jul 17, 2015 in blog | Comments Off on Stay Cool Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer’s here, hot, high and sweaty. Vacations beckon. The garden takes on a life of its own. Busy families don’t have much time for home chores these months. School’s out, travel’s in and it’s easy to let life slide on the home front. Still, summer will run more smoothly if you keep tabs on these important areas in and out of your home, while staying cool! Make the season count. Late summer is a slow time for home maintenance and cleaning companies. Look for summer discounts from carpet and rug cleaners, gutter installers, and window washing firms, and get the jump on fall cleaning! Think...

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