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Stucco Project #3 | Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Ashburn VA

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Stucco exteriors must be maintained. It does not take a very big crack to allow water intrusion. In fact, a crack as small as 1/16” of an inch wide can permit water to enter behind the stucco, especially with a stucco system that has no moisture barrier. All cracks 1/16” wide or larger and all damaged areas of stucco should be properly repaired. Any penetration through the stucco that is left unsealed will allow entry of moisture. before garage image after garage image “Over 30 years of experience serving Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas, we are sure to exceed your...

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All You Need to Know About Stucco Homes

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Not just for the southwest anymore, this distinctive exterior is catching on across the country. Find out if it’s right for your home. Stucco siding, a type of hand-troweled masonry plaster consisting of cement, water, and sand, is a definitive feature of Spanish and Mediterranean architecture. These stucco homes feature exteriors in a variety of textures from pebbled to sweeping swirls to virtually smooth, depending on application technique, and provide durable protection against the elements. But this type of masonry does have its downsides, and it isn’t appropriate for every property. So...

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Like Us On Facebook

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At Worldgate Plaster & Stucco, we appreciate your patronage and like to share our knowledge of the industry with our audience on social media, especially Facebook! To keep updated with the latest news, specials and happy home tips, please visit our Facebook page and give us a like by CLICKING HERE and hitting the thumbs up! Thank you for your loyalty and continued business! And for those just joining us, Welcome to the Worldgate Plaster & Stucco...

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Stucco Water Damage: Causes & Solutions

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A house clad entirely in stucco is a thing of beauty. There’s no doubt about that. Many homeowners prefer cloaking their houses with this type of exterior because of its benefits. For one, stucco’s top-notch quality makes it last for a long time. It is also excellent in hiding flaws, is fungi-resistant, and is naturally equipped with thermo-regulating properties – the house will stay cool during summer and warm come winter season. Apart from that, stucco resists moisture and is water-resistant. The latter is not an absolute, by the way. Stucco can be susceptible to water damage, too. Bumps...

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Five Star Stucco Repair Reviews Ashburn VA

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Matt J. Fairfax Station, VA 03/14/2018 “Great Service Completed This was my first time using Worldgate Plaster & Stucco. I hired the company to repair some holes and cracks that I had in my synthetic stucco. They did a great job and I appreciate that they cleaned up the work when they finished the job. I have no complaints about the service or the results. I would give them five stars all around. I would recommend them to other potential customers. I would also use them again in a heartbeat! Thanks for the high-quality...

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