It is very rare to see older plaster without any cracks. Cracks occur for a variety of reasons, many of which are simply the natural reactions of plaster compounds and building materials. Climate and temperature changes, building settling and moving over time, weight loads, chimney movement and environmental stresses (heavy traffic, nearby trains, construction blasting) all contribute to plaster cracking. Cracking is further exacerbated by any structural disturbances or repairs to a building (foundation work, sill repair), leaving a building unheated during the winter, deteriorating framing and timber (rotting sills, weak floors and joists, insufficient framing), or water leaks. Some or any of these conditions are usually present in older homes and buildings.

Our Services Include:

  •     Plaster Repair and Replacement
  •     Wall and ceiling plaster repair
  •     Installation and removal of ceiling texture
  •     Water damage drywall or plaster repair
  •     Skim coating
  •     Texture matching: all kinds- custom wall and ceiling textures
  •     Drywall repair and installation


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