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Stucco & EIFS New Construction

Building a new residence or commercial property in Northern Virginia? Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company has over 45 years of experience in stucco installation and EIFS construction. Contact us at (703) 283-6886 to discuss your stucco installation needs or request an estimate online.

Stucco Versus EIFS for New Construction

Exterior stucco wall construction withstands the test of time, which explains its use throughout architectural history. Comprised mainly of cement, lime, water, and sand, these natural resources blend to create an exterior that is sturdy, durable, and pleasing to the eye.

EIFS construction cladding (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems) adds synthetic material to the traditional stucco process that allows for better drainage, which is great for areas that receive more rain. It’s also great for the environment. Worldgate features StoTherm® ci EIFS products, which comes with several color and texture options.

Stucco and EIFS are exterior cladding systems, whereas plaster is used for interior walls and ceilings.

Stucco Mesh for New Construction in Northern VA


Resistant to the elements, such as weather and wind, making for long-lasting and sturdy siding.

Low Maintenance

When done properly, stucco siding and eifs cladding will provide for years to come.

Eco Friendly

Easily produced and conciously broken down to ensure a small carbon footprint.


Offers a variety of texture and color options and combinations.

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Texture & Color Options for Exterior Finishes

Whether you want traditional stucco or EIFS cladding, both offer numerous options for textures and colors! Your finished product will be both visually appealing and long-lasting which will set your residence or commercial property apart from everyone else. The main difference is that EIFS cladding uses synthetic material, such as acrylic, which means there is no need for exterior paint because vibrant color can be added to the mix.

Great Value when Installed Correctly

Stucco and EIFS cladding are a great value and deliver a return on your investment when properly constructed. These materials require expert craftsmen who have been trained and certified to properly mix and apply them. Cutting costs with handymen and general contractors can result in cracks, moisture leaks, and costly repairs down the road. Worldgate trains and employs expert stucco contractors and EIFS contractors in northern Virginia, including the counties of Fairfax, Montgomery, Loudoun, Arlington, and Prince William. If you want stucco installation and EIFS construction done right, call us at (703) 283-6886 and request an estimate.

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