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Why Choose EIFS Cladding?

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How is EIFS Different from Stucco?

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) provides a unique layer under the stucco. The layer creates an insulated barrier that protects against moisture and is energy efficient. Basically, the substrate is layered with a water-resistant barrier. Adhesive or fasteners connect the barrier to the insulation board and create a drainage plane between the layers. Varying types of mesh can then be used to fasten it to the insulation board, and then stucco is applied.

EIFS claddings are well-researched in the construction industry. They demonstrate impressive performance in moisture and thermal control compared to other materials, such as brick and siding.

Featured Product

Worldgate features StoTherm® ci products developed by Sto Corp/Sto. The “ci” stands for continuous insulation. The insulation maximizes energy efficiency, which reduces both the environmental impact as well as your monthly energy costs. Even better, you can choose from a nearly endless variety of colors and textures to customize your home or business exterior and bolster its curb appeal.

EIFS Contractors in Northern Virginia and Nearby

Top Ten Reasons to Choose EIFS


Achieve better insulation efficiency.


Actively utilize better energy efficiency.


Proactively implement energy and environmental design.


Substantially limit use of fossil fuels.


Utilizing EPS insulation that can be re-used and takes a fraction of the space in landfills compared to paper and food.


Protect against moisture production and improve water drainage.


Comply with building codes.


Leverage a safe a durable product.


Take advantage of a wide range of finishes, colors, and textures to create a unique, personalized finished product.


EIFS is the best! A study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy determined it outperformed other exterior materials in overall insulating ability and moisture resistance.

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