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Stucco homes not only have stunning curb appeal, but they have a long lifespan if they are done correctly. Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company is an expert in stucco, exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS), and plaster, and has been trusted and put to use across northern Virginia since 2005. You may agree that stucco makes for an attractive house, but perhaps you have some misconceptions about this style. Let’s take a look at three common myths that are fiction and shouldn’t keep you from choosing stucco.

Stucco house
Myth #1: Stucco Homes Belong Out West

Stucco was traditionally more common on the western side of the country due to its warmer, drier climate. After all, moisture is one of the greatest concerns with stucco, but it has been used successfully all across the U.S. for decades now. EIFS cladding maximizes a building’s protection against moisture, and it provides insulation. On top of that, it also acts as a sound barrier.

Myth #2: Stucco Decreases a Home’s Value

You might think that stucco will decrease the value of your home because you’ve seen so many examples of stucco that’s been cracked or water damaged. EIFS construction cladding adds synthetic material to the traditional stucco process that actually allows for better drainage, which is good news for areas that receive more rain. Stucco and EIFS cladding are of great value, and both deliver a return on your investment when properly constructed. 

Myth #3: Stucco Homes Always Have Issues

Worldgate sees firsthand when stucco has been improperly installed. The materials that are used require expert craftsmen who have been trained and certified to properly mix and apply them. Cutting costs with handymen and general contractors can result in cracks, moisture leaks, and costly repairs down the road. Professionally installed exterior stucco wall construction withstands the test of time, which is why it has been used throughout the history of architecture. 

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