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5 Gorgeous Architectural Styles with Stucco Exteriors

When it comes to versatile building materials, stucco is virtually without limit. Unless you have your heart set on a log home, stucco won’t fail to impress you. In fact, it can bring many architectural styles to life. In this blog, Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company explores five gorgeous architectural styles with stucco exteriors. Keep reading to find out if your favorite style makes the list.

5 Gorgeous Architectural Styles With Stucco Exteriors

1. English Tudor

The English Tudor style has been around since the 1500s. Built initially to resemble castles, these homesteads could attract kings and queens. Who doesn’t love the style’s signature pitched roofs, elaborate chimneys, leaded windows, and towers? Of the various architectural styles with stucco, this one differentiates itself from the rest with its regal features and distinct elevation.

2. The Classic Bungalow

California perfected the classic-chic stucco bungalow style. These homes present as effortless and timeless due to their versatility and durability—thanks, of course, to stucco. While stucco’s versatility allows you to choose from various colors, the original white exterior contrasted with a wooden or painted door always makes a statement.

3. Neo Eclectic

Neo eclectic styles combine other architectural styles together. Unlike modern homes, the neo eclectic style emphasizes the more detailed architectural design of traditional models. For example, combining colonial revival with arts and crafts creates an appealing look for any home. Stucco and neo eclectic may pair well together depending on the look and feel you want to achieve. If you prefer style and design over simplicity and function, you’ll love the character a neo eclectic home provides.

4. Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean style includes a host of other types, including Spanish Revival, Mission Style, Monterey, and more. At their most basic level, thick, white stucco walls and red tile roofs characterized the style. Still, the many flavors that fall within the Mediterranean group each yield distinct differences. For instance, some resemble churches, while others capture the Renaissance period. No matter the details, the architectural design originated with early Spanish settlers in North America who wanted to build houses like those in their homeland.

5. American Foursquare

You frequently spot American Foursquare homes in coastal areas near water. Still, people build them all over the U.S. Characteristics of the American Foursquare include its boxy shape, simplified floorplan, two+ stories, and wide covered porches with column supports. Homes in coastal areas may rest on stilts while those throughout the U.S. maintain a completely different elevation. Still, the main characteristics of the architectural style remain consistent. 

Stucco Exterior Stands the Test of Time

No matter your preferred style, stucco exterior provides versatile options. With stucco, you can build a house that lasts for ages, requires less maintenance, and insulates better than other building materials. Moreover, EIFS cladding gives extra protection against water intrusion. If you’re building a new stucco home, call Worldgate Plaster & Stucco at (703) 283-6886. We’re also happy to provide stucco inspections, repairs, and maintenance to homeowners in Loudon, Fairfax, Arlington, and Prince William County.