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5 Reasons You Have Cracked and Sagging Plaster

Plaster is a common building material that has been around for ages. It allows homeowners to choose a variety of textures and colors. For this reason, plaster adds massive aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, several factors can degrade plaster over time, leading to maintenance, repairs, or replacement. Today, Worldgate Plaster & Stucco reveals five causes of cracked and sagging plaster.

5 Reasons You Have Cracked and Sagging Plaster (and How To Fix It)

1. Climate and Temperature Changes

Moisture and extreme temperature changes have similar effects on asphalt, concrete, and plaster. Over time and throughout seasons, the fluctuations can cause plaster degradation, including cracked and sagging plaster. Of course, moisture can cause staining and bubbling, while temperature changes can cause cracks. When this happens, repairing plaster before the damage worsens will avoid costly replacement down the road.

2. Foundation Settling

Your home’s foundation often settles over the years. When this happens, it causes plaster to crack and sag. Small hairline cracks may not signify a larger issue. However, larger converging cracks may indicate foundation settling. When you see them, call a professional to provide an inspection and expert opinion.

3. Heavy Weight Loads and Time

Heavy weight loads can cause plaster to pull away from the lath. When this happens, you may notice what looks like a raised seam in walls or ceilings. While neither situation is ideal, seams in the ceiling can be dangerous. As a result, you should get an inspection as soon as possible. Then, you’ll have a better idea about the extent of the damage and your mitigation options.

4. Chimney Movement

Plaster- and stucco-coated chimneys may hide or reveal chimney movement. In other words, cracked and sagging plaster or stucco on a chimney’s exterior may or may not be independent of the chimney’s integrity. If you see signs, you may have to repair or install new plaster. On the other hand, you may need to have the chimney itself inspected and repaired.

5. Nearby Traffic

Trains, highways, heavy construction, and heavy nearby traffic all contribute to cracking and sagging plaster. The intensity of these activities causes the ground to vibrate and shake. As a result, even well-constructed plaster can be damaged. At the same time, poorly constructed and applied plaster reveal themselves much more quickly. Interestingly, the pyramids still have plaster, and they were constructed thousands of years ago. Make sure you always have professionals install new plaster and inspect anything you think was overlooked initially.

Plaster Repair and Replacement Done Right

Creating the right mix and applying it properly requires a skilled craftsman’s knowledge and touch. At Worldgate, we got our start by being the go-to source for fixing others’ mistakes. Of course, we love to provide installation services, too. Whether you need plaster installation, maintenance, or repair in Montgomery County, VA, call us at (703) 283-6886 to schedule an appointment.