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When stucco is correctly installed and properly maintained, it can last for many years. The key to preserving and protecting your home is to recognize the signs of an underlying issue with your stucco, and to leave the necessary maintenance and repairs to the experts. At Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company, we not only have decades of experience working with stucco, but we are often called upon to fix the mistakes that other contractors have made. Let us walk you through five signs that your stucco has sustained water damage.

Stucco Maintenance and Repairs

1. Stains

The first indication that you have water damage is simply that you have water stains on your stucco. You might see dark spots where there is moisture trapped behind the stucco, or there could be wet streaks around your windows or doors that don’t seem to go away. If any wet-looking spots persist long after it rains, then you need to take a closer look.

2. Cracks

Water damage is just one of the many possible reasons your stucco is cracking. You need to rule out water damage as soon as you start to notice any cracks, especially if they are larger cracks. An expert will be able to determine the cause for the cracks in your stucco, and they will be able to help you decide your next course of action regarding repairs.

3. Soft Spots

If you feel any soft spots, either on your stucco or your interior drywall, then you probably have a moisture problem. Typically, you will feel soft spots wherever the water is seeping in through the stucco. Check around any cracks or stains for areas where the stucco has become soft, and that will be an indication that you have water behind the stucco.

4. Bubbling

Another sign that your stucco has most likely endured water damage is when you see that it is bubbling. When the stucco becomes warped or starts bubbling on the surface, then something is going on beneath the surface. This is usually caused by improper installation of the stucco, where it has been left vulnerable to water damage. You might notice the bubbling along with other signs of water damage.

5. Crumbling

You will obviously know that you have a problem if your stucco starts crumbling. Whether it’s caused by water or some other type of underlying damage, it needs to be addressed right away. The experts at Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company can help you discover what is happening to your stucco, as well as recommend your best options for moving forward with repairs.

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