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Can you Repair Stucco Without a Stucco Contractor in McLean, VA?

Stucco is an interior or exterior siding often used to give a house a more textured façade. Stucco contractors in McLean, VA are experienced in providing a value-adding and expert service to customers who prefer a professional touch. Even though stucco is a great and durable siding option that is weather resistant, over time it can start to acquire cracks. These cracks, when left unattended can far too easily lead to entire chunks of the stucco falling off. If you want to avoid this and keep the maintenance job to a minimum, it is best to repair these cracks as soon as possible and not to delay the maintenance that this siding requires. While most cracks that occur in stucco is only aesthetic damage, if you notice cracks that run from the foundation to the top of the siding then it can be a big problem. Here are a few tell-tale signs to be on the lookout for:
  • Small cracks: Should you be dealing with a hairline or small crack, it can be tempting to merely let it go. Even though these cracks may not be very visible, it doesn’t mean that it can’t become larger in future. It is easy to fill the cracks with a high quality silicone caulk, but if you are inexperienced in doing so and want the job done right then opting for a stucco contractor’s professional services is a great option.
  • Larger cracks: If you notice a larger crack you will need more caulk. While it is rather easy to make your own mortar for filling larger stucco cracks, it is once again recommended that you make use of a professional contractor to ensure that the job is done right the first time around.
There are many benefits to opting for a professional stucco contractor to take care of the maintenance of your stucco. These professionals are experienced in what they do and you will receive a guarantee and warrantee on all the workmanship performed. Worldgate Plaster offers expert stucco services in McLean, VA. We are experienced in providing our clients a value-adding service and will work with you to help you achieve all your goals. The team of seasoned and trained professionals make available their skills and expertise to your benefit. Contact Worldgate Plaster to learn more about our professional stucco contractors in McLean, VA.