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Choosing The Best Type Of Stucco For The Job

Depending on the job you need to do, you should choose the type of stucco carefully. Using stucco instead of vinyl for the siding of your home renovation project will be beneficial because of its long-lasting and durable properties. Although slightly more expensive, it is a great option as it is easily tinted so that you can apply the color scheme you’d like to. There are different types of stucco to choose from – exterior insulation and finish stucco and cement mix stucco. Following is some information on both systems which will allow you to make a better-informed choice about which one to use:
  • Exterior insulation & finish systems: The exterior insulation and finish systems were introduced in the early 1950s. This form of synthetic stucco is frequently used in conjunction with original cement based stucco. Exterior insulation and finish systems are not cement based and it consists mainly of foam insulated boards which are covered with a finish that beautifully resembles stucco
  • Cement mix stucco: The time that stucco was first introduced, it was in cement-based form. It is mixed in much the same way as Portland Cement is mixed, with water and sand. It is incredibly durable and can withstand rather harsh environments. It is rather porous but will dry quickly without any water damage
Applying the stucco  It does not take a lot of skill to apply the stucco. The application of the stucco will vary depending on the surface it will be covering – such as block, wood, brick or concrete wall. To apply stucco to a block, brick or concrete wall you will first need to brush a concrete bonding agent onto the wall then allow it to dry thoroughly. You can then directly apply the stucco to the wall. Start with a scratch coat which is about a ¼ to ½ inch layer applied directly to the surface and then allowed to harden slightly. After the mortar hardens, you should scratch it to a depth of 1/8” and allow it to harden for about 36-48 hours, keeping the surface periodically moist. If you are looking for high quality and affordable cement and stucco, contact Worldgate Plastor & Stucco. Contact us for stucco and cement