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Give Your Home a Makeover with Cement Stucco

Is your home in need of a revamp? Update your home with the endless possibilities of cement stucco in Great Falls, VA. If you’re looking to give your home a makeover, here are some things you can do without having to bring in the wrecking ball. Read on for more.
  • Re-plaster your home It may feel like your home is such a disaster that you might as well move or bash the whole thing down. With the market as it is these days, selling up isn’t the best idea. So consider re-plastering. Many old homes have chipped, cracked walls or old-fashioned brick. You can instantly update it with cement stucco. Stucco is versatile, so you can give your home a clean, modern look with straight edges, or add a color and a texture for a warm, Tuscan feel.
  • Replace the accessories Stucco isn’t just for plaster on your walls. You can use cement stucco accessories to revamp your home quickly and inexpensively. You can add pillars, cornices, and window sills to upgrade the whole look of your home. Pillars and other similar adornments go perfectly with that beautiful Tuscan style.
  • Get some good repairs done If you don’t have the budget for re-plastering or adding window frames, simply fixing up what you have and adding a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. Sand and varnish all woodwork, get your plaster repaired, and repair any damage to roof tiles and you will have a home as good as new.
Want to get your home looking fabulous? Worldgate Plaster & Stucco specializes in cement stucco and plaster repair and replacement. We also offer inspections for exterior insulation finish systems. We even do drywall repairs. Our staff are experienced experts in the field. Contact us today!