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How to Identify the Need for Stucco Repair and Replacement

  Stucco is valued as a siding material for its durability and low-maintenance. There are times you’ll need stucco repair and replacement to make sure that you receive the very best value for money. For many property owners stucco is already a huge upgrade from vinyl siding. However, this type of siding is a less expensive option than opting for stone or brick siding. It is also a porous material which greatly absorbs moisture. This further makes it a great choice for siding in parts of the US where an abundance of dry weather is experienced throughout the year. In areas that receive a lot of precipitation throughout the year, the need for stucco repair and replacement might be more common. The reason for this is because the moisture will penetrate the stucco’s porous surface. Adding to this problem will be when the stucco wasn’t installed correctly in the first place. If the use of weep screeds, moisture barriers or flashing wasn’t employed during installation then the water will get trapped under the stucco and this will lead to it being absorbed into the other materials. This can easily lead to many types of damages occurring to the structure. These are only a few of the things that you need to be on the lookout for to identify the need for stucco repair and replacement. If you postpone or altogether avoid acting on the need for stucco repair, then you could easily end up with a lot of expensive repairs on your hands. Here are a few of the other signs for stucco repair and replacement to be on the lookout for:
  • Cosmetic issues: Cracking, rotting, and breaking;
  • Structural issues: Leaks, wood damage, mold and moisture on structural columns and
  • Health issues from mold exposure: Nose, throat, eye and skin irritation, sinus and nasal congestion and respiratory problems, to name a few of the potential problems.
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