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Professional EIFS Installation is Crucial To Success

Public opinion seems to vary when it comes to EIFS for home exteriors. Once lauded by contractors and architects, its reputation took a hit in the 1990s with a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed the material didn’t stop water intrusion and caused structural damage. However, the problem was with the installation, not the material. Worldgate Plaster & Stucco wants you to enjoy the beauty and durability EIFS has to offer with professional EIFS installation. 

Professional EIFS Installation is Crucial To Success

EIFS is a Great Alternative to Stucco

It’s important to note that EIFS is incredibly popular as a true competitor to other exteriors. In fact, millions of homeowners choose EIFS for new construction projects and home renovations every single year. That’s because people, builders, suppliers, and architects know EIFS is an affordable, quality building material.

Professional EIFS installation by a skilled hand ensures lifelong durability and curb appeal. If you live in a stucco or EIFS home and have concerns, you might benefit from a stucco or EIFS inspection

Commercial Versus Residential

While residential interest in EIFS cladding took a hit in some areas, commercial interest never waned. However, it makes no difference what type of building to which EIFS is applied. Moreover, there’s no such concern about EIFS and commercial buildings. Since EIFS doesn’t know whether it’s applied to a residential or commercial building, the material isn’t the problem.

Don’t Cut Corners When It Comes to Skilled Labor

Residential building plans tend to include more detailed work than commercial properties. In addition, homeowners work with tighter budgets. As a result, some homeowners try to cut corners. For instance, they might get the design from a professional but pay a low-skilled laborer to install it. In fact, brick, pure stucco, and lap siding all require a skilled hand to apply them, and suffer issues when they don’t. Professional installation protects against stucco and EIFS repairs down the road. 

How To Keep Moisture at Bay

EIFS solutions include drainage to account for water runoff, so moisture isn’t trapped in the walls. The system uses a textured or a mesh watershed component. Professional EIFS installation that includes a drainage allowance protects against moisture intrusion. 

The flashing is instrumental to effective EIFS installation. Specifically, installers should provide extra flashing around vulnerable areas, such as windows, chimneys, foundations, and along where the roof and walls intersect. Ensuring these locations are well protected goes a long way toward extending the entire life cycle of the EIFS exterior. 

Speak to a Professional

EIFS is durable, efficient, affordable, and varied. Homeowners can choose from a variety of colors and textures, and enjoy a beautiful, low-maintenance home exterior. Just don’t cut corners when it comes to installation. Instead, use Worldgate Plaster & Stucco’s professional EIFS installation. If you live in Virginia Beach, Fairfax County, Loudon County, or nearby, contact us at (703) 283-6886 to schedule an appointment.