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Repair and Renovation of EIFS Stucco System

Location – Sterling, Virginia Stucco exteriors must be maintained. It does not take a very big crack to allow water intrusion. In fact, a crack as small as 1/16” of an inch wide can permit water to enter behind the stucco, especially with a stucco system that has no moisture barrier. All cracks 1/16” wide or larger and all damaged areas of stucco should be properly repaired. Any penetration through the stucco that is left unsealed will allow entry of moisture. All penetrations must be sealed with a compatible sealant as recommended by the stucco system manufacturer and required by Model Codes. Damaged areas of stucco must be properly repaired to prevent water intrusion. What we did: Repair and renovation of EIFS stucco system Front of house – stucco The damage was due to outdated caulk and improper flashing.  This caused the moisture penetration behind the system. stucco stucco stucco stucco Newly caulked, flashed, and color coated: stucco The moisture penetration had completely rotted sheathing and partial framing. Damage was not clear to the naked eye. This damage was only detectable by moisture readings. It was not evident at all from the exterior appearance. stucco Here is the newly renovated framing and column: stucco stucco

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