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Stucco Plaster Trends in Leesburg, VA

Are you looking to have your stucco plaster repaired or replaced in Leesburg, VA? Perhaps you want to do away with stucco altogether? Don’t be too hasty – stucco is versatile and hard-wearing. Want to give your home an upgrade? Read on to find out about the latest trends for stucco plaster.
  • Spanish colonial If you’ve got a bungalow home, the Spanish colonial look will go well with it. Plaster the outside with textured stucco in a shade of beige or oatmeal. Use terracotta tiles inside and outside, as well as terracotta roof tiles. Finish off the look with wrought iron gates and outdoor lighting fixtures and your home will be a Spanish dream.
  • American colonial This is a classic look that simply doesn’t age. It makes for a perfect investment because you will never have to update the look. It works well with double storey homes with pitched roofs. Offset a brick home with stark white window frames and moldings in cement stucco. Flank the front door with stucco pillars and cornices and complete the look with shutters on the windows.
  • Modern and clean If you’ve got a flat-roof home, this style is perfect for it. Do away with embellishments and adornments. Plaster the exterior with white or off-white stucco that is applied as smoothly as possible. If you have the budget, replace the traditional windows with large panels of glass.
  • Tuscan countryside This trend has been around for a while but if done subtly, will always be timeless and classic. Use textured stucco in a warm golden shade on the exterior. Use molded pillars and cornices. Plant olive trees in the garden and cement statues and water fountains for some real luxury.
Are you looking to update your home with the latest trends in stucco? Or perhaps you simply need some repairs done? Worldgate Plaster and Stucco in Leesburg, VA offers stucco plaster services as well as dry wall repair. Contact us today!