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The 10 Benefits of Stucco Exterior and Why You Should Choose It

Whether you build or re-side a home, a stucco exterior delivers beauty, quality, and long-lasting durability. What is this magical building material, anyway? What benefits does it provide, and what does maintenance look like? Worldgate Plaster & Stucco covers the answers.

The Benefits of Stucco Exterior and Why You Should Choose It.
What Is Stucco, Anyway?

Cement, sand, lime, and water combine to create stucco. Builders and masons apply stucco to the exterior siding of homes in multiple coats over a lath sheathing. The materials combine to produce an incredibly durable substance that stands the test of time. Stucco gains its popularity from the many benefits it produces. 

What Benefits Does a Stucco Exterior Deliver?

1. Effective. Cement, crushed marble, and sand are all dense materials. Combined together, they produce a heavy-duty substance that insulates your home better than vinyl or even brick. Stucco exterior results in an air-sealed and noise-resistant interior. In addition, it’s energy-efficient because your heating and air system operate more efficiently.

Moisture-resistant. Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) add an additional layer to stucco that produces a barrier. Then, the barrier attaches to the insulation board, which allows drainage to occur. Stucco itself is already resistant to fungus, so the combination of stucco and EIFS work together to avoid moisture.

3. Fire-resistant. Think about the materials used in stucco: cement and sand. Both materials naturally stand up to heat and fire. While no material makes the claim to completely resist fire, stucco certainly performs better than vinyl and wood. 

Durable. Assuming proper installation and maintenance, a stucco exterior lasts longer than other building materials. As a result, stucco is a wise building material choice for your residential or commercial property.

5. Versatile. Stucco can be applied in a variety of textures and colors, as well as on a variety of existing exteriors, such as wood or steel. 

6. Attractive. Stucco homes have immense curb appeal. Due to its versatility, you can do so much with stucco to create an eye-catching home exterior that will last for years to come. Additionally, the craftsmanship behind quality stucco attracts admirers far and wide.

7. Customizable. Your options are nearly limitless when it comes to customizing stucco. Texture options vary widely. Moreover, the fact that pigment joins the actual stucco mixture means that an enormous amount of possibilities for color exist.

8. Budget-friendly. Stucco homes are not only durable but also easy on the pocketbook, making it a wise choice.

9. Low maintenance. Stucco is a durable material that stands the test of time. As long as it’s properly mixed and applied, it requires less maintenance than other siding materials.  

10. Valuable. Stucco provides monetary value in several ways. For one, the actual home appraisal may be higher than a comparison with different siding. For another, you may realize a lower insurance premium. Finally, you could save money during construction as well as ongoing maintenance, energy costs, and more. 

How Do You Maintain Stucco Exterior?

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