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These guys really know their stuff!!!

reviews “I would rate Worldgate Plaster and Stucco a five plus! I’ve already recommended them to some neighbors and they have had work done. The guys that actually did the work along with Paul are incredibly experienced. They’ve been doing this work for years and you can tell. The job was done on schedule and it was completed early. It came in at the targeted estimated cost. The follow-up inspection was perfect, no flaws at all. My estimation based on the experience with our house is that the level of quality of work that world gate did will last 20 years minimum. It’s phenomenal. Besides their professionalism, the crew and Paul himself are hands down the best contractors we’ve ever had work on our home, and they were very very personable. They also paid very close attention to our questions and addressed all concerns that we had. I would recommend Paul as a contractor over and above any other contractor I have worked with. I wish that he was based in Wisconsin where we are going to build our new home, because I would immediately hire him to do our exterior. For the amount of work that was required, the price was very reasonable. You can shop around, but in the end you should hire Paul, and like I said we actually recommended his company and his crew to a number of neighbors who have taken advantage of their services. As soon as the work was done on one of the neighborhood houses, it sold immediately. It looks brand new by the time they are done with their work. These guys really know their stuff!!!” Curtis W. Sterling, VA 01/31/2017