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Plaster isn’t just an antiquated building material from the past. Not only is it a durable material that has been around for centuries,  but it also adds an attractive and ornate finish to the interior of your home. With over 45 years in the construction industry, the experts at Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company can install, inspect, and repair plaster. Let’s take a look at three ways that we can help you upgrade your home with plaster.

Decorative and Ornamental Plaster

1. Decorative and Ornamental Plaster

Plaster is much more than just a basic material to cover your walls. We can add decorative elements and patterns to your wall by first, pouring the plaster into a mold. Then, we apply it to either the wall or ceiling. Plaster can be shaped into ornate, detailed designs that will make any home look stately.

2. Textured Plaster on Your Walls

Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company can add texture to your walls and ceiling with plaster, as well as match an existing texture. Textured walls and ceilings can add character and visual interest to your home, giving it a warm atmosphere. This is ideal if you prefer a unique, even vintage, aesthetic for your home. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about textured walls!

3. Custom Wall, Ceiling, & Feature Plaster Application

This takes the decorative and ornamental plaster a step further by applying it as a specific embellishment in your home. Think fireplace surrounds, oven range hoods, custom crown molding, and medallions. Nothing will give your home a more customized look than beautiful, decorative flourishes to add details and dress up otherwise ordinary features.

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Worldgate Plaster & Stucco trains and employs expert plastering contractors, because plaster work isn’t a place to cut corners. In addition to our plastering services, we offer stucco and EIFS installation, stucco and EIFS repairs, and stucco inspections. Contact us today at (703) 283-6886 to request an estimate for upgrading your home with plaster. We serve Northern Virginia and nearby areas including Fairfax, Montgomery, Loudoun, Arlington, and Prince William counties.