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Tips For Plaster Repair

Most homes have been plastered at one time or another. Plaster repair in Ashburn, VA can help you to restore or replace your home’s plaster to its former glory and in so doing even improve the value of your property. If your home has marks or holes in the wall, it is nothing that some good plaster won’t be able to fix. Plaster can also develop cracks after a number of years. A temporary solution for plaster cracks is latex paint. However, it is only temporarily a solution to this as in a short amount of time the cracks will start showing again. The plan of action to take is to actually enlarge the crack, fixing it all together for once and for all. While it might seem strange to enlarge the damage, the thing to remember is that it is always easier fixing a large crack than it is fixing a smaller one. If you are looking for some helpful tips on how to repair cracks in your plaster, then read on:
  • Gather the right tools: Before you start with the plaster repair, do a bit of preparation work and gather the tools you will need. Some of the things you will find a need for while fixing plaster are a scraper, wood block, fine or medium grade sandpaper, paint, and primer. A few other practical things include a vacuum cleaner and utility knife
  • Removing loose plaster: Get rid of any loose plaster by using the utility knife. Clean the gap and make it larger by twisting the knife. While still maintaining the structure, clean the surface around it and vacuum up any fallen debris
  • Mix plaster: Take a thick amount of plaster and mix it with water. Wet the crack thoroughly and apply the plaster, filling the crack completely. After smoothing the surface with a trowel allow to dry for 24 hours
  • Sand patching: When the plaster repair is completely dry sand patch it using a fine or medium grade sandpaper to smooth out the surface. Wait for 24 hours and apply a thin coat of paint. Once the coat is dry, you can start with painting the entire wall again.
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