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EIFS Cladding Unveiled: 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose It

EIFS, or exterior insulation finish systems, is a unique layer that can be installed underneath stucco as an insulated barrier to protect against moisture. This water-resistant barrier is connected to the insulation board with adhesives or fasteners to create a drainage plane between the layers. At Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company, we can incorporate EIFS cladding into the traditional stucco process to give your home a durable, long-lasting exterior finish. Below, we’ll give five reasons you should choose EIFS for your home.

EIFS cladding benefits

1. Better Insulation Efficiency

EIFS claddings will help your home achieve better insulation efficiency. This is something that has been well-researched in the construction industry and demonstrates an impressive performance in thermal control.

2. Unmatched Energy Efficiency 

Since EIFS provides an extra barrier on the exterior of your home, it can reduce your energy consumption. This system will help maintain consistent indoor temperatures, lower utility costs, and help the environment.

3. Exceptional Moisture Resistance 

This protective layer under your stucco provides superior water resistance, preventing moisture from penetrating through your home’s exterior. This will help ensure your structure is dry and safe from water damage, mold, rot, and other moisture issues.

4. Improved Water Drainage

The exterior insulation finish system will create a drainage system between the layers of your home’s exterior to prevent water intrusion. Basically, a drainage cavity will provide a space for any moisture to go rather than infiltrating the outside wall of your home. 

5. Remarkable Durability 

All of the benefits you will reap from the ability of EIFS to control moisture will result in a durable exterior system. Not only is this a durable product, but it is safe and reduces the environmental impact.

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