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As a popular choice for exterior home finishes, stucco stands the test of time with its durability, low maintenance care, and aesthetic appeal. While that doesn’t mean you won’t experience any issues with your stucco, the good news is that you can prevent some from occurring. At Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company, we have seen what can happen when stucco is not properly installed and not adequately cared for. Let us discuss five common issues with stucco and the best way to avoid them proactively.

Stucco Maintenance and Repair

1. Water Damage on the Stucco

The best way to avoid water damage is to ensure an expert applies your stucco and maintains it properly. Maintenance typically involves re-caulking and sealing around areas of surface penetrations, like electrical boxes, light fixtures, plumbing lines and faucets, cable TV lines, satellite dish mounts, and other exterior receptacles. Correct stucco construction and maintenance will make water damage less likely to occur.

2. Cracks in the Stucco

Working with stucco requires exact measurements that will vary depending on your desired texture and color, as well as your climate. Mixing and applying the stucco improperly can result in cracking and disrepair. That is why you must let an expert apply your stucco exterior finish and never call a handyman. You should also regularly inspect your stucco for moisture, leaks, and evidence of settling, which can all lead to cracking.

3. Stains on the Stucco

Your stucco should be cleaned, but it’s not the same as cleaning other surfaces around your property. There are different stucco finishes and stucco systems that require different types of cleaning. The experts at Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company often have to repair stucco damage caused by unskilled and amateur cleaners. We provide the safest cleaning methods that will protect your stucco from staining.

4. Bulging of the Stucco

When your stucco is improperly installed, moisture can become trapped beneath the surface of vulnerable areas. In addition to trusting only an expert to apply your stucco, you’ll also want to maintain adequate drainage around your property to prevent a build-up of moisture around your home’s foundation. If you notice any areas that are starting to bulge, you will need to address them immediately.

5. Crumbling of the Stucco

When your stucco has been improperly mixed or applied, it can eventually lead to crumbling. You should always get a certified stucco inspection before you proceed with any modifications, renovations, or additions to your home. Keep your stucco cleaned and painted regularly to maintain the integrity of the materials used.

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