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Stucco – A Style that Is Truly timeless

If you want to give your home an update that is truly timeless, look no further than residential stucco construction in Gainesville, VA. Stucco is a plastering technique that goes back to ancient Rome and Egypt, and still very popular to this day. Stucco is placed in layers directly over the stone or masonry of a house and the final color of the house is worked into the stucco itself. This gives a beautiful, authentic texture and look that is reminiscent of Tuscan villas. It’s durable, weather-resistant and of course, very attractive too. The ancient Romans favored stucco as their material of choice and buildings like vaults featured a lot of stucco work. It was used to decorate interiors and a lot of art was created using stucco. To this day there are still stucco reliefs intact dating back to ancient Egypt. Residential stucco construction was again extremely popular in the Renaissance period. The rich and luxurious style of Baroque and Rococo architecture also made heavy use of it, as seen in Baroque trompe l’oeil ceilings. It truly has been the substance of royalty with stucco being used in palaces. With its roots in royalty, it became a popular material in the early 20th century being used in luxury apartments, borrowing from that Baroque look and feel. With its history of durability and ability to withstand years of wear and tear, stucco is enjoying a comeback, not only as a substance to create a “old style” look to your home, but also one for the opposite end of the spectrum – homes get a truly modern look with stucco’s ability to create a smooth surface, resulting in houses featuring sharp corners and modern lines. It’s even favored by many of today’s well-known architecture firms. Give your home a new lease on life by investing in residential stucco construction in Gainesville, VA.