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The Difference between Stucco, EIFS Cladding, and Plaster

When it comes to understanding the differences between building materials that are often used together, it’s easy to get them confused with each other. Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company has been installing, inspecting, and repairing exterior insulation finishing systems and interior plaster for over 45 years. Our expertise has allowed us to work for many individuals, companies, and realtors, even fixing mistakes others have made. Continue reading as we explain the difference between stucco, EIFS cladding, and plaster, educating you on the unique benefits of each.

Stucco, EIFS, and Plaster Services

What Is Stucco?

Stucco has been used in exterior wall construction for centuries, and it truly withstands the test of time. It is comprised primarily of cement, lime, water, and sand, which are blended to create an exterior that is sturdy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Stucco offers many options for colors and textures, leaving you with a home that is both appealing and long-lasting.

What Is EIFS Cladding?

Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems, or EIFS construction cladding, adds synthetic material to the traditional stucco process. This provides a unique layer underneath the stucco that allows for better drainage, creating an insulated, energy-efficient barrier that protects against moisture. Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company uses products that are available in several color and texture options. Stucco and EIFS are both exterior cladding systems that are sustainable, low maintenance, and eco-friendly. 

What Is Plaster?

Plaster is a material used for interior walls and ceilings and, like stucco, has been used for centuries. Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company can install two- and three-coat plaster systems on your walls and ceilings, as well as repair your damaged plaster. We also provide decorative and ornamental plaster services, historical plaster restoration, custom applications, and more. If you need texturizing, texture matching, or texture cover-up, we can do that as well.

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Worldgate knows all of the ins and outs of stucco, EIFS, and plaster, and even offers stucco and EIFS inspection services. This niche in the construction industry became our focus early on when we saw the need for these services in our area. Contact us at (703) 283-6886 to learn more about our services or request an estimate online. We serve Northern Virginia and nearby areas including Fairfax, Montgomery, Loudoun, Arlington, and Prince William counties.