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Signs That You Have an Issue with Your Plaster and How We Can Fix It

Plaster is a durable material that provides an elegant finish to your walls. In fact, many people prefer the robust beauty of plaster over drywall in their homes. Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company are experts on plaster and can provide solutions for all of your plaster wall repair and restoration needs. We’re going to talk about some signs that you may have issues with your plaster, and how we can help you resolve these issues before they become dangerous.

Plaster repair and restoration

Warning Signs That You Have an Issue with Your Plaster 

If you notice large cracks and sagging in your plaster, this could mean a significant issue. Please call us immediately so that we can complete a thorough inspection of your plaster, especially if you spot any problem areas on your ceiling. Plaster is a heavy material, and the weight of sagging increases the risk of collapse over time. After the inspection, our team would be happy to provide all possible options and give our recommendations.

What Causes Issues with Plaster in the First Place?

Besides potential hazards, there are several other complications that can result in your plaster needing to be repaired or even replaced. Your foundation settling over time, movement to your chimney, and heavy weight loads over the years can all contribute to issues with your plaster. But, did you know that climate and temperature changes, as well as heavy traffic and nearby trains, can also affect your plaster? Plaster is durable, but it is not immune to environmental stresses.

Worldgate Provides Services for All Things Plaster

Worldgate is a seasoned expert on plaster, and you can be confident in all of the services we provide. We can install it, repair it, restore it, customize it, texturize it, and more! Our customers call upon us when they need historical plaster restoration or decorative and ornamental plaster work. We provide various metal and rock lathing options and can apply two and three-coat plaster systems.

Request an Estimate for Your Plaster Today

Worldgate Plaster & Stucco Company’s expertise in plaster and stucco has created a demand for our services among individuals, companies, and realtors. In fact, our business was started in 2005 based on that demand! Contact us at (703) 283-6886 for more information or to request an estimate today. We serve customers in Northern Virginia and its surrounding counties, including Fairfax, Montgomery, Loudoun, Arlington, and Prince William